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Apartment Rental No Deposit Phoenix

When looking for a home in the Valley of the Sun, there are many factors to consider; is the deposit high (usually 1 and ½ months’ rent)? Does it accommodate my family? What if covering the deposit breaks my bank to even PAY for rent? Fortunately, Atlas Residential, LLC is aware of these so with our apartment rental no deposit Phoenix residential option, the burden is less on the renter!

What is This Option of Apartment Rental No Deposit Phoenix?

Simply put, this is a housing assistance program that we have the honor of being partnered with. The outreach in regards to this apartment rental No Deposit Phoenix option comes from our colleagues at Save The Family ( This organization has helped many families in Phoenix into stable housing from living in hotels or cars. As their newest partner, we further extend our Phoenix residences into their network. Simply follow their guidelines and they will provide additional financial assistance in rental expenses, primarily the deposit. We do offer some house rentals as well, but please call ahead prior to making that decision as those options are very limited.

Are there any limitations to this Program?

There are. First, this is designed for families. That means parent(s) and child(ren) are pre-requisites. Secondly, they are not similar to Section 8 housing options. The funding they provide is limited, and much less than that of Section 8. Their purpose is to provide some assistance, but it is expected that the family’s parent/guardian is able to financially support themselves. It is recommended to use the service in ways that prevent financial stress, such as the deposits for rent, water, electricity and others. Again, the purpose of Save the Family is for families to be able to have a rental home by using their services as an apartment rental no deposit Phoenix option.

What if I don’t qualify?

Do not despair. As stated before, you can also refer to Section 8 housing via the City of Phoenix ( This program is better suited to any renter and their situation. In some cases, they are better able to help you financially and cover nearly all costs. However, as this is provided by the City (and we’re a fairly large city), we must warn that response times are long as well as long waiting times. Also, while criteria are restricted to individuals with low or no incomes, it is not a permanent source of income. Section 8 tenants DO have to make sure their rent is paid on time and adhere to all lease rules and obligations; they must also report any changes in income as this program is reserved solely for low to no income individuals.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions in regards to Save The Family and their incentives, please contact them via phone: 480-898-0228 or refer to their website for details. You can also contact us and we can provide some answers. Atlas Residential is always willing to provide options just like our apartment rental no deposit phoenix option. Come make a home from our home, today!