Pay Online

Pay Online available at Atlas Residential, LLC!

We at Atlas Residential, LLC appreciate your tenancy with us. We offer a variety of ways for clients to pay their rent.  While customers are more than welcome to mail a check, we have many digital ways that are faster and safer as well.

Ways To Pay Us

You Bank at a major bank like like Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, US Bank
  • Use Zelle – it’s fast, free, no risk of NSF fees. Zelle is generally the best option. Go to “Send Money” online or in your banking app, and simply send to the e-mail listed above. Make sure to include your address in the notes!
  • Zelle sends money instantly so you know you’ve paid, and there’s no concerns of NSF fees.  This is our preferred method and, in our opinion, the best way to pay.
You bank at a credit union or a smaller bank like DSFCU, Convenience Bank, BBVA, etc.
  • Use Venmo – it’s free, but it debits your account 3 days later and so you may generate a NSF if funds aren’t there.
You have Varo
  • Just do a direct transfer to us through Varo.
You have a NetSpend Card
  • Use Venmo or our online portal, Bill and Pay, along with your routing and account number from Netspend.
You have a H & R Block Emerald Pre-Paid Card
  • Use Bill Pay with their online app for a $0.95 fee. They will send us a check within 2 days.
You have a Green Dot Unlimited Card
  • Use Online Bill Pay with Green Dot and they will send us a check.  Appears to be Free.
You have an ADP Aline Card
  • Perhaps GooglePay?  PayPal works, but only with fees of about 3%.
  • Buying a money order and mailing it might not be a bad option.
You like PayPal, but are willing to pay any fees we incur to receive money via PayPal.
  • We can accept PayPal, but only if sent as a gift.  Typically you will pay fees to send us money via PayPal.
  • If you send us money other than as a gift, we will incur fees and you will be charged back for those fees.
You think Square Cash is a good choice?
  • We can even take money through Square Cash.  Not our favorite, but better than a money order.


You can also use our portal at to view your account, and then setup or schedule payments there.  There is no cost to you here; however, there is a $25 NSF fee if you don’t have funds in the account when the Debit you setup comes through.  My impression is that it’s best to via what you owe in Bill and Pay, but then if possible to pay via if you’re at risk of an NSF.

Also, just a small warning … Just because you have a Pre-Paid Debit Card with a routing and account number doesn’t mean you can draw money off of it – often it’s deposit only on a Pre-Paid Card.  Bill and Pay will charge a NSF fee if you try to draw from an account which is not setup to allow withdrawals. Emerald Cards, for instance don’t support ACH, they only allow you to deposit money at their routing and account number.

Most anything is better than a money order!  Usually costs less too.